S l i p p a g e s - G r a c e


Slippages is a 2D/3D animation about the mysteries of time life and consciousness. It is illuminated through the combined narratives of two elderly people, who form the key interface characters for the animation and installation.


Slippages - Grace -animation explores the final moments of an elderly woman’s existence and takes the viewer on a journey as her consciousness leaves her body at the point of death.

Set against the austere landscape of the Australian bushland, overlapping images of ever increasing clarity inform the Grace’s consciousness as she moves toward the end of her life. Proof of her existence through the many experiences, take on a personal symbolism; these include kittens, stolen houses, car rides, cockatoos and horses across multiple moments and environments.

Special thanks: Modeling and rigging support Danny Strum, Ramiro Cazaux, Will Meyer and Dae-Ho Han. Lighting and rendering consultant - Darren Kiner. SCA Digital Systems Support Eric Furie, Randall Rickert, Gabriel Soto-Campa, Matt Scott, Mar Elepano and Brad Kean Development Funding: The James H. Zumberge Faculty Research and Innovation Fund

In progress see news section for updates: