Indefinable Moods

– 35mm Dolby Stereo 1:85
2001 by Kathy Smith 7 minutes-color-sound

In this work I am exploring dream symbols and landscapes in nature and linking these to the psychological hopes, fears and desires that exist in every culture. My approach to 3D work is greatly influenced by Renaissance and French Romantic painting. Painters of these periods created magnificent oil paintings that alluded to the 3D world through the use of light, perspective and the study of the physical world of nature or desire for movement – animation.

Intended as a virtual set installation

Approximately 2000 oil paintings on board and paper exist for this film. These were digitally scanned then mapped onto 3D planes and 3D forms to create the finished work, all 2d and 3d art, modeling, animation and sound design were created by the artist.

Over 7000 digital images exist for this animation


Funded by Screen Australia, Musical Sound Effects performed and composed by Chris D. Halliwell, Sound Mix by Counterpoint Sound. Residency, software and hardware provided by Hench-DADA, SCA, USC

Selected Exhibitions and Collections

2002Sundance Film Festival
2001SIGGRAPH N-Space Art Gallery
2005Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Recognition Award in the Creative Arts, USC
2002Indefinable Moods Winner Best Animated Short USA Film Festival
2002Indefinable Moods Winner Best Animated Film Convergence Art Festival Providence Rhode Island
2001Indefinable Moods First Place Winner at the Computer Graphics International Digital Media Art Track Award
2001City University of Hong Kong
2001Indefinable Moods Silver Award at Prix Leonardo Italy
2001Indefinable Moods First Place Winner in the Experimental Category Rhode Island Film Festival

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