Egyptian Shoulders

- Digital 2D 3D 1994

Egyptian Shoulders was created as part of my residency with the Australian Network for Art & Technology at the Curtin University Perth Australia.

It was a simple installation of oil paintings that were transposed into my first 3D oil painted digital animation. The simple concept mirrors A Figure in Front of a Painting my first animation installation from 1984.

The animation played with the juxtaposition of the human form utilizing Egyptian relief sculpture and was intended as a three screen projection with the oil on board installation panels exhibited in an adjoining space.

Eight oil on board varying sizes with largest being 2ft x 3ft created in 1994 by Kathy Smith Animation loop recreated above and is approx. 1 minute in length. Original 3d animation exists only on syquest drive but a recreation of the work can be seen in the Virtual Gallery walk through.