Ayers Rock Animation

– 35mm MONO 1:33
1985 by Kathy Smith 50 seconds-color-sound

A metamorphosis from sunbather to Uluru, -signifying the connectivity of all living things to the environment.

Watercolor and collage on 16” x 12” animation paper. Approximately 400 images exist for this film all hand painted by the artist.

Exhibited as an Installation. All artwork sound and animation created by the artist 1986 – 1988

Selected Exhibitions and Collections

2014 -17'Scanlines' National Touring Exhibition Australia includes Ayers Rock Animation
2014Scanline New Media Art since the 1960s archive
1993Animated moments A retrospective exhibition of work by Kathy Smith & Janet Merewether at the AFI Cinema.
1993Organized by the dlux media arts
1986Electric Dreams exhibition of super 8 to Europe
1986‘KINO KAPERS’, exhibition of contemporary film by Australian Artists, above two films exhibited, and also
1986purchased by the Australian National Gallery Canberra
1985Art Space Sydney, screening of experimental filmmakers

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