Collections and Distribution

State Library of South Australia Kathy Smith Animations and Creative Process Documentation Archive in Collection 2023

Coronado Island Film Festival Public Library Collection Kathy Smith Animations and Parallel Worlds Animation, Dreams & Consciousness Lecture 2022

Charugundla Collection Indefinable Moods Digital prints, Blu-ray Delirium Blu-ray 2012

Indefinable Moods ScreenSound Online Exhibition curated 2011

Animations 1983 – 2015 documented on Dlux Media Arts Archive Website 2006

Indefinable Moods Sundance Film Collection UCLA 2002

Australian National Library Website archived for permanent collection for PANDORA Australia

Animations (see filmography) acquired for collection by the National Sound & Film Archive, Screensound Canberra, Australia 1998 - 2001

Animations (on tape) accessioned into the Museum of Modern Art Film Library New York 1994

Living on the COMET, distributed world-wide by Film Australia 1993

Living on the COMET, purchased by SBS Television

Change of PLACE, distributed by the Australian Film Institute 1987

Change of PLACE, all artwork, paintings and photographs, negative & film collected and housed by the National Sound & Film Archive, Canberra 1986

Animations, (see filmography) acquired on 3/4" tape by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council 1986

Ayers Rock Animation & A Figure in front of a Painting, purchased by the Australian National Gallery, Canberra 1986

UNDER WYLIES, 5 x 6 ft. oil painting on canvas, purchased by the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper, Fairfax & Sons Ltd. 1985

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